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A digital business card is a great alternative, or addition to printed cards.

Cost-effective (£45 or $55 when you order from me) and can be used in a multitude of ways - on your website, your phone, in fact anywhere online.

Your digital business card is actually a mini-website in itself with live links to your own website, any other URL you choose, your social media channels etc.

It takes up far less space, is more eco-friendly than a box of printed cards and you can't leave it behind anywhere!

Add in a QR code graphic (portrait and square format graphics included in offer) that links to your digital business card when scanned, save the graphic to your phone - and instantly share your contact details with anyone you meet 🤩

When you purchase, I'll be in touch by email to get the details required to create your card.  I'll use your logo and branding colours to make the design unique to your business. 

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